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10 Essential Tips for Backpacking in Finland

One of your major concerns with backpacking in Finland is the costs of travel, accommodation, and the various activities you’ll want to be doing there. This is why the 6 first pieces of advice will be on organizing your finances before your trip, so that you may enjoy yourself without worrying about money once you’re in Finland. The last 4 pieces of advice are related to practical concerns like knowing what to pack, and what you don’t want to miss once you’re there.

1. Is Finland expensive for travelers?

While it is true that Finland is among the top ten most expensive countries in Europe for travelers, you should not be deterred by this. The country does have budget-friendly hotels and cultural attractions, and the cost of living is not as high as some travelers might imagine.

2. How do I get there cheapest?

Given how far up north Finland lies, and how cheap flight tickets have become, it’s probably cheapest for you to get there by flying. When compared to the costs incurred when traveling by car or by train - notwithstanding the time it takes, depending on where you’re starting from - flying usually comes out on top in terms of both cost and time efficiency. Flying is most often the cheapest and fastest way to get to Finland.


3. Where can I stay?

You have lots of options as to where you’ll stay when backpacking in Finland. One of the most common accommodations among thrifty travelers is the many cheap hostels that the country has. Another popular option is to spend your nights at AirBNB housings. 

4. Will I need a credit card?

Depending on how much money you have saved up for your trip to Finland, you may or may not need a credit card. The credit card can be used for any part of the trip, whether it’s the flight tickets, accommodation, activities, or all of these. One thing you should be careful about when using a credit card to pay for your traveling, however, is that you pay it off as quickly as you can when you get back home after your trip. Most banks would advise against accumulating credit card debt in the first place, but if you have to do it, then do it wisely.

5. What types of insurance do I need?

If you need a Schengen visa for traveling to Finland, then travel insurance is mandatory. In general, though, it’s best to have valid insurance for whenever you’re traveling.

6. How do I budget for a trip to Finland?

When organizing your finances and putting together a budget before your trip, you should consider all of the things that have been touched on above, including travel costs, accommodation costs, as well as costs for what you’ll be doing and eating in Finland. Other costs to consider include: 

  • Gifts and souvenirs
  • Shopping
  • Transportation
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7. What is the best month to visit Finland?

What time you decide to go to Finland should be adapted according to your wishes: if you want to experience the country during winter times, late November to early March is a good pick; if you instead want to go there when it’s warm, you could instead go during the summer months of June, July, and August.

8. What should I pack for Finland?

The following is a list of the most important things you should consider packing for Finland. It includes some nifty tips for saving money as well: 

  • Extra shifts of clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Cash taken out at the airport (in Euros, Finland’s currency)
  • Phone charger
  • Food for the trip, so you won’t have to pay overpriced food on the plane
  • In general, pack lightly; bring only a backpack if you can, so that you won’t have to pay for extra luggage

9. How many days do I need in Finland?

You would optimally want to aim for staying 7 days or more in Finland. This way, you’ll have enough time to experience the best of what the country has to offer.

10. What should I not miss in Finland?

Here are some of the best things you should not miss in Finland: 

  • Meeting Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.
  • Riding a sleigh pulled by reindeer.
  • Bathing in one of the almost 200,000 lakes in Finland.
  • Looking at the Northern Lights, if you’re so lucky to be there when they are most active. 
  • Spend a few nights in one of their summer or winter cottages.